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SAfire Roaster is a compact, high-performance ROASTER/GRILLER/FRYER/BAKER which is simple and easy to fire up. Roast on your table, balcony, on the beach, in the park, camping site, or on a boat. With the coals being totally enclosed the roaster is very safe to use in any conditions especially when windy as the ashes wont blow around preventing possible fires from breaking out. The SAfire roaster is an extremely versatile cooker enabling one to:


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Once again SAfire has brought a unique concept to the portable barbeque market, a multi-functional unit.  The unique design of the SAfire  allows you  to cook with gas as well as being able to convert the unit  to cook  with charcoal, giving you the best of both worlds, the convenience of Gas as well as cooking with charcoal giving that great flavor of charcoal cooking

The standard SAfire Gas Roaster is operated with 5kg – 12kg  gas tanks.


There are accessories available to  enable you to convert the Safire to be able to use   disposable gas canisters, as well as accessories to convert to Charcoal. Whichever is your preference

The SAfire can be used on virtually any surface while roasting frying grilling smoking or stir-frying . weighing only  4 kg/8.8lbs it is extremely portable

Have fun with your Gas SAfire cooking wherever whenever whatever.


The SAfire Star camping Stove offers high quality and durability, and is constructed from 0.6mm, series 200 stainless steel. It operates on an alcohol-based liquid, SAfire Star Clean Cook Fuel that emits no bad odours and burns with a clear flame. The fuel is supplied by PE in a sealed 500ml disposable plastic bottle.

The fuel tank contains ceramic wool for fuel control. In addition, the tank design prevents fuel pouring out in case the stove falls over. The fuel tank remains at a relatively low temperature during use (maximum about 35°C in ambient temperature of 25 °C). One can cook, BBQ, fry, roast and bake on the stove.

This is made possible by the innovative design and the clean-burning, odourless properties of the fuel, The SAfire star camping stove is 150mm tall and a diameter of 300mm weighing in at only 1.4 kg making it easy to carry when hiking in the wilderness and 2.70 kg complete with all the accessories. As a full set the SAfire Camping Stove together with the accessories you have a very versatile camping cooker outdoor oven “Your Kitchen in the bush”.

The SAfire star is available as a basic stove to be used with a pot and if you choose to purchase the accessories it converts the unit into a cooker, Barbeque unit and outdoor oven.


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Accessories include Roasting grid, one heat shield, one heat shield lifting handle, one fat catcher container and one roasting dome.

SAfire star as a BBQ

<div class="body2">SAfire star as a BBQ</div>
By adding accessories, it enables one to BBQ

Safire Star as an oven

<div class="body2">Safire Star as an oven</div>
SAfire Star becomes a roaster when adding the dome


The SAfire table top BBQ is designed in such a manor preventing the base of the unit getting too hot enabling one to place the barbeque on virtually any surface with out the fear of burning that surface. It is a compact 400mm in diameter 150mm tall Barbeque, weighing only 3 kg making it easily portable to take on your picnic and outdoors venture and BBQ “ Wherever, Whenever, Whatever”

The unit is manufactured out of 201 stainless steel with the outer casing from powder coated mild steel available in different colours. This unit will last for a number of years with the stainless steel inner sleeve and grid. Thereby replacing the disposable BBQ currently available on the market which can only be used once, making the SAfire table top BBQ an attractive and economical alternative



Roasting Grid

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Perfect for cooking pizzas and roasts such as chicken, beef, etc.

Barbeque Tongs

<div class="body2">Barbeque Tongs</div>
Stainless steel spring loaded tongs Small and compact ideal for barbeque and roasting with the SAfire

Carrier Bag

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Protects and makes it easy to transport your SAfire roaster, manufactured from nylon with a plastic coated film in the interior for protection against fats and oils and the bag is washable.

Cooler Carrier Bag

<div class="body2">Cooler Carrier Bag</div>
The cooler carrier bag has been especially created for a days outing. You can pack your roaster together with the food in the cooler bag keeping the food fresh for the day.

Cooler Carrier Bag

<div class="body2">Cooler Carrier Bag</div>

Frying Dish

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The frying dish has a copper coated base to assist in dissipating the heat across the dish for even cooking and can accommodate the dome, ideal for stir-fry style cooking and stews when using the dome.

Frying Dish

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Frying Dish Copper Base

Dome Extension

<div class="body2">Dome Extension</div>
Easily roast two chickens at a time and larger roasts with this handy dome extension which gives greater height to the dome.

Dome Extension

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<div class="body2">Rotisserie</div>
The Rotisserie with its battery operated motor is fully portable and is a great addition to the Roaster alllowing one to cook chicken, meat, fish, corn on the Cob and veggies to perfection

Dome Stand

<div class="body2">Dome Stand</div>

The Dome Stand is a convenient stand to place your hot dome while inspecting a roast or carving your food, which can also be used as a great wind breaker on those windy days.

Wind Breaker

<div class="body2">Wind Breaker</div>

Boat Bracket

<div class="body2">Boat Bracket</div>

The boat bracket has been especially designed to allow one to fit the bracket onto tube sizes ranging from 26mm to 35mm in diameter this holds your SAfire Roaster firmly to the railing of the boat, without the fear of your Safire falling overboard

Pizza Dome

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The SAfire Pizza dome has been lowered, enabling one to cook Pizzas to perfection. By lowering the height of the dome it concentrates the heat onto the top of the Pizza. Cooking time is dependent on the thickness of the base of the pizza , +- 7 minutes if the pizza has a thin base.


Fire Accelerator Combo

The accelereator combo consists of three components a) Fire Accelerator b) Stove Grid c) Heater Lid, mkaing the accelerator a very versatile accessory it can be used to speed up the lighting of charcoal, used as a pot stand in windy conditions keeping the heat from been blown away and concentrated to the base of the pot as well as a heater for the chilly evenings.


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Stove Grid

<div class="body2">Stove Grid</div>

Heater Lid

<div class="body2">Heater Lid</div>

Accelerator On The Roaster

<div class="body2">Accelerator On The Roaster</div>

Stove Grid With Accelerator

<div class="body2">Stove Grid With Accelerator</div>


<div class="body2">Heater</div>