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  • For flavour add 250ml of water / beer/wine to the flavour well and sprinkle your favourite dried herbs to the liquid, chopped fresh garlic and herbs. Top up the flavour well as and when required

  • The flavour well can be used for roasting veggies while doing your roast meat – it is recommended to cut peaces into small sizes and wrap each item in foil add butter and spices for flavour
  • Flavouring with smoke - soak your smoking chips for +- 15 minutes depending on size, sprinkle the soaked chips onto the hot coals. The dome must be in place for the smoking to be effective


  • Do be sure to use a good quality charcoal as poor quality charcoal can affect the performance of your roaster

  • Do keep your SAfire clean
  • Always let the coals light up totally ( grey in colour) and place the dome on for 3 minutes with the griddle on to heat the roaster up prior to starting to cook
  • If Barbequing steaks and chops when a higher heat is required, use lump wood charcoal as this burns hotter than pressed briquettes but does not last as long, always use Briquettes when roasting
  • Always totally defrost your intended meal prior to start cooking
  • Your SAfire should be as close to level as possible
  • If you intend to store the SAfire for a lengthy period of time coat the unit with a fine film of cooking oil


  • Never use liquid fuels in your SAfire as a cooking fuel or as a lighting medium

  • Don’t leave your dome and/or griddle on once you have finished cooking as this can damage the roaster. Remove the dome and place upside down and place the griddle /frying pan into the dome to allow the coals to burn out
  • Don’t be tempted to open or lift the dome too often to check while roasting as this causes a loss of heat
  • Don’t use your SAfire indoors, burning charcoal emits carbon monoxide
  • Don’t use old charcoal especially in humid climates as the charcoal deteriorates with age
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning materials on the griddle/frying pan as this will damage the non-stick surface